Finishing School

Personality enhancement

Finishing School

Our goal is to instill confidence and grace in our world’s future leaders and successful characters.
The finishing school is selecting program and provides personalized lessons and private consultations for participants.
Students are encouraged to maintain extra-curricular activities including performing and fine arts.
Today’s young ladies need to develop their interpersonal skills, and cultivate their digital image.

Delivery Methods

 Personality enrichment.
 Personal image consulting and enhancement.
 Leadership skills.
 International Etiquette and protocol.
 Communication skills.
 Health and Emotional well-being
 Smart work, life balance.
 Event planning and management.
 Fine dining etiquette, know it all.
 Speech enhancement.
 Fashion and style.
 Piano music and voice training.
 Social dancing.
 Cookery.
 Art and craft.
 Practical make-up / Beauty sessions.
 Deportment training (Posture and body language)
 Personal grooming.
 Career planning.
 Corporate etiquette.
 Effective home management.
 Job interview and resume writing.

Our finishing school has compressed modules designed to fit into your busy lives. This three months program is an intensive course where students will be rigorously trained for 120 hours, along with weekly assignments and practical examinations.
Personality enhancement, achieving the optimal work life balance, fine dining, personal grooming and branding, personal presentation, effective communication and cross culture training are some of the topics that will be covered. This unique curriculum aims at endowing individuals with self-reliance, confidence and empowerment in their personal and professional lives, while helping them identify their potential and creating a successful path for their future.
Our finishing school training is highly practical and delivered in an entertaining, relaxed and supportive manner.
Trainers within our finishing school are experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching and enhancing your confidence, communication skills and personal image.


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