English Speaking workshop for Children

Explore English in fun ways

To love, enjoy and to explore English

Target Age Group : Grade 1-5 Students

The aim of the programme is to motivate and to encourage students to love, to explore English in fun ways, we have an innovative and creative attempts.

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  1. Students will interact and get to know others.
  2. Students will meet an encourage with visiting facilities not their regular English teacher
  3. Students will play practice listening and speaking in English in an informal setting with other students and facilitators
  4. Students will participate in sessions intend to increase confidence in speaking English
  5. To arouse students interests in speech and drama and some basic proficiency in English language to perform English dramas.
  6. To introduce students the joy of public speaking
  7. To arouse students interests in learning English language by games to develop leadership skills.


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Don’t worry if you think your knowledge level is too low; our friendly teachers will help you on all your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to improve

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