Way To Success Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer

Dr. (Mrs). Udheni Rosaa

PhD, LLB (Reading), BBA, MBA, TTDip, AVCM(UK)

I am counting over 16 years of Experience in the Education Industry dealing with Government and Private Sector and International affairs with my Overseas experience.

Every child has a unique gift of Intelligence. Children have different learning Styles and the sooner we discover is the better.

Our Programme targets and develops these Intelligences through fun and interactive activities.

Our Sessions engage the Children in all aspects, whether they are Word-Smart, Music – Smart, or /and Body – Smart.

This allows us to discover your child’s learning style and to develop natural talent to the fullest. This is a truly boost for any child and in turn is a guide to what may hold the child’s future.

Children become Self-confident and at the same time become good communicators. This programme gives them the opportunity to have fun, all well-disguise courses

It is a wonderful way through which they can channel their energies to find innovating methods of creating and expressing.

Fear of Speaking in Public or Socializing with peers is not uncommon for children.

Children are free to express themselves through our programme activities. We encourage children to do the talking, because through words and actions, they build self-confidence as they become more confident and exposed, and they want to learn more.

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